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Payee services

Our goal

We want to take the worry and stress away from money management  by securing a close partnership of trust. We will work together to ensure needs are met, and money is spent properly. MUTEH RPS will ensure that all changes which may occur in your benefits, living situation, or shift in current needs, are properly reported to the Social Security Administration.

What we do

MUTEH's Representative Payee Service (RPS)  is a non-profit organization following federal law and guidelines to serve as an Organizational Representative Payee for social security beneficiaries needing assistance managing their monthly expenditures. If a disability, illness, or addiction makes it hard to manage monthly bills,  the MUTEH RPS Program may be a good fit. If you, your client, or family member already has a representative payee appointed, yet feel they do not benefit your best interest, you may already qualify for MUTEH RPS. 


A supportive partner authorized to help you, your family member or client on the road to financial stability and success.

Financial Stability

If you, your family member or client is incapable of managing their own expenditures, our goal is complete financial stability for your client. 

how does it work?


Complete the required application and return it to MUTEH.


The Social Security Administration must assign MUTEH as your client's Representative Payee.


Once approved by the Social Security Administration, your client's monthly benefits are paid directly to MUTEH.


MUTEH will work closely with you to establish a monthly budget and pay all  basic needs: housing, food, clothing, and medical treatment.


You could also get an allowance disbursed to you personally for other spending, if applicable.

What are the cost?

The fee for MUTEH RPS Program varies based on benefit types. The SSA has strict fee guidelines for the RPS to follow. MUTEH understands how important it is to become stable while living on a fixed monthly income; therefore, we aim to manage the client’s benefits wisely by tracking and recording expenses in a timely and accurate manner.

How to apply

Please call MUTEH  at 601-497-2133 for any questions or concerns.



MUTEH’s Representative Payee Services Program has been approved by Social Security Administration (SSA) to charge a fee for service. 

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