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Thank you for connecting with the MUTEH! Sadly, there are very few resources available for those facing homelessness right now, so it's unlikely we'll be able to help with any rental assistance. However, we would be happy to talk with you about your situation and hopefully help you identify resources that you currently possess to reach stability. If you'd like to talk, please visit and complete the assessment most appropriate for you.

Below are some frequently asked questions concerning homelessness and our services.

Can you help me pay my rent?

Sadly, there are very limited resources for folks needing rental assistance. In our organization, we focus our efforts on people living outside for years with a disability. In this effort, we send teams of staff and volunteers across the State to find people who have been sleeping outside for years and offer them housing. That said, it's unlikely that we can pay your rent.

I'm about to be evicted. Can you guys help?

Our apologies, but were unable to provide financial assistance to those facing eviction. We know this isn't the news you want to hear, but our Continuum has minimal funding to do that. As you probably already know, many of the organizations in our Continuum are funded to prioritize people that live outside, have been living outside for years, and have a disabling condition. We're unable to help in prevention eviction.

I'm about to be homeless--what do I do now? Can you help?

We hate to hear that you are in this incredibly difficult situation. All our organizations can do is connect you with an emergency shelter that is closest to you (i.e. Salvation Army, etc.). We have worked with thousands of others in your situation, and it is so important that you utilize the people & and resources that you have access to. If they will let you stay with them for just a short period of time, that gives you time to follow your plan to stability. If you'd like help crafting a plan, please email

I'm currently sleeping outside. How do I get assistance?

Our organization is currently working with many others who are also sleeping outside in a place not meant for human habitation. We can connect you with an emergency shelter that is closest to you if you visit and complete an assessment. If you're unable to relocate to a shelter, then our organization will attempt to find you through our homeless outreach teams. Then you will be added to a list. It can take an extraordinary time to be served (depending on others' situations).

How can I find a shelter near me?

There are not many shelters in Mississippi's rural communities, but our team can assist you in finding the one neareast to you. Just so you'll know, this will likely mean that you have to relocate to another city that could be a long distance away. If you would like help in finding a shelter, you can see this map for a reference: BoS Emergency Shelter Map

I know someone who is homeless--what should I do?

Please visit and complete an assessment survey on their behalf. As you may already know, our staff is working with countless other individuals experiencing homelessness, and there is very little funding available to house this population. that said, your friend may not receive housing financial assistance, but our outreach teams can meet with them and discuss options! We need your help and information in getting in contact, so please complete an assessment for them!

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