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Homeless Management Information Systems


MUTEH is Mississippi’s Lead Agency for both the AWARDS Database (HMIS) and the Continuum of Care (CoC), working with partner organizations and government agencies to serve and house vulnerable populations across the state. 

About Us

Why muteh?

Our Services

Record Keeping

Good record-keeping in AWARDS through the use of Foothold Technology, allows us to find new opportunities to partner with other entities.

Strategy Building

We partner with entities to inform planning, drive policy and strengthen the communities by which we serve.

Data sharing

By having easy access to the data collected, we along with our partner agencies can effortlessly create and share reports, which helps us all better serve our community.

Data Collection

Many AWARDS Participating Agencies are actively involved in an innovative data collection program where they enter live data into the statewide system. Outreach teams equipped with electronic tablets regularly set out across the state into their local communities and homeless encampments to create profiles of those experiencing homelessness in real time. 

Are you an agency in Mississippi interested in using MUTEH'S AWARDS Database?

Or do you need more training on how to effectively use AWARDS?


We'd love to hear from you.




2019 Training Schedule

AWARDS Training is held every 1st Tuesday at 10 a.m.

Contact Us to RSVP


AWARDS Policies & Procedures

Training Videos

Household Composition
Updating the Facesheet
Central Intake Referral
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